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My wife forbids me to have a sex with her. She often fucks with her lovers, whom she has a slot, and then likes to tell me how she sucked other man cock, how she spreaded her legs and took it in her married pussy.. She turns on with that very much.

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She even forbids me to jerk off until I clean her divine pussy filled with her lovers' sperm with my tongue. She calls me My Bitch or Pussy-Slave while I'm driving my tongue rapidly licking her and screams loudly in ecstasy, grabbing my head, pressing it to her crotch.

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Don't get me wrong, my wife is a very gentle and caring woman. She becomes mad only when I'm asking her for sex. She loves to punish me for that. I know, hurting me makes her very horny. My loving wife becomes a merciless fury with a whip in her delicate hand.

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